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The Next, Most Important Meeting, October 26th, 6pm, location to be announced.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

After a very long and exciting Fire Season we are meeting again. The road, to this point, has been anything but easy. I appreciate every one of the Local Argentine Chapter members and Officers. We made it through a very trying Fire Season. The lookout is still standing but many Lookouts are not. I beleive Five (5) Fire Lookouts were Destroyed during this past fire season.

This is a terrible loss because, many will not be rebuilt. But ARGENTINE LOOKOUT WILL be rebuilt! The meeting on October 26th, will be very important. We have lots of things to talk about and get working on! Are you ready to do this! I hope to have the new, all new, Argentine Lookout t-shirt with me. Can't wait to show you! If, you have any questions, any ideas for Argentine Chapter of Forest Fire Lookout Association, please ask, or call me. 707-239-6824.

See you soon. Chris Rivera.

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